Zeny Fuentes carving Copal wood at his home in Oaxaca Mexico
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Zeny Fuentes
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The History of Oaxacan Woodcarving
In the 1930's families carved toys for their children and masks for religious festivals and carnivals.
Copal wood is primarily used for these carvings.  This tree is indigenous only to Oaxaca.  Cedar and
zompantle are also used for carvings.  Acrylic paints are used to finish the incredible pieces.
It wasn't until the 1980's that the demand for Oaxacan carvings became popular.
In 1992 the Smithsonian featured well known Oaxacan carvers.
American Folk Art dealers flocked to Oaxaca to begin their collections  of these unique works of art.  
Painted woodcarving is a major art form and source of income in three pueblos near Oaxaca City.  The
Fuentes family resides in the carving pueblo of San Martin Tilcajete.
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