Zeny Fuentes and his family carving in Oaxaca Mexico
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Zeny Fuentes
Oaxacan woodcarver and painter
About the Fuentes Family
Zenen Fuentes Mendez was taught how to carve by his father.  Working primarily as a farmer he
continued to produce carvings and passed on the skills to his sons.  Epifanio Fuentes, the oldest of
the sons, is the most famous carver in San Martin Tilcajete.  Known for his angels and religious
figures his work is sold throughout Mexico and the United States.  He has worked as a visiting artist in
the United States every year since 1989.  His visits include working at galleries and museums in San
Antonio, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York and many other locations.  
Epifanio's wife, Laurencia Santiago Hernandez, is the primary painter of his carvings.  His three eldest
sons, Zeny, Efrain and Ivan, are fine carvers and have established their own reputations through their
unique carving techniques.  Women in the family do most of the painting although Zeny prefers to
paint his own figures.  

Zeny has demonstrated his carving process and exhibited his work in numerous museums, galleries,
schools and educational conferences throughout the United States.  The fine quality of his work is
recognized by collectors everywhere.   
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from Oaxaca Mexico, whether you were already familiar with Oaxacan Woodcarving or have just discovered its beauty.